an organisation of the disabled for the disabled by the disabled

Executive Committee & Management

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Executive Committee (as of January 2017)

The Association is led by a 12-member Executive Committee, all of whom are People with Physical Disabilities. Elected every two years at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, these dedicated men and women serve on an Honorary basis.

The Executive Committee oversees, and advises on, the management of the Association, and ensures its compliance with sound governance practices, so that its corporate and social objectives are fulfilled.

The Executive Committee is supported by a team of full-time (and part-time) staff, tasked with the day-to-day operations of the Association.

President Mr. Edmund Wan Fook Wing
Vice-President Mr. Hui Beng Hong
Honorary Secretary Ms. Wendy Lau Wong Hing
Honorary Treasurer Ms. Desiree Lim Kok Liang
Honorary Assistant Secretary Ms. Michelle Siew Teok See
Honorary Assistant Treasurer   Mr. Larry Ng Poh Kwang
Committee Member   Mr. Navin Nair
Committee Member   Mr. Willie Yeo Hock Seng
Committee Member   Mr. Alan Pek Kian Aik
Committee Member   Mr. Richard Kuppusamy
Committee Member   Ms. Ivory Baey Hwee Leng
Executive Intern     Mr.Edgar Cheong

KEY PERSONNEL (as of January 2017)


Executive Director – Subrata Banerjee


All Managers and/or Heads of Department  

Corporate Services Departments:-

(Listed alphabetically; only the Head of the Department is named)

Administration & Human ResourceMs. Joyce Wang Yi (Senior Executive (Human Resource & Admin.))

Corporate CommunicationsGabriel Wee Kim Soon (Executive (Corporate Communications))

FinanceChiu Tze Ming (Senior Manager (Finance)); Ms. Juande Tan Teck Kern (Manager (Finance))

FundraisingJones Pung Teck Huat (Manager (Fundraising))

Info-Comms TechnologyRoumele Jay Villorente Baylocon (Senior Executive (ICT) / Data Protection Officer)


Core Services Departments:-

(Listed alphabetically; only the Head of the Department is named)

Home CareMs. Nurhidayah Bte Alwi (Manager (Home Care Services))


    – Ms. Kyi Kyi Ohn (Rehab Manager, HWA Whampoa Rehab and HWA Jurong Point Rehab)
    – Mani Murugeswaran (Centre Manager, HWA Jurong Point Rehab)
    – Duraisamy Ramesh (Centre Manager, HWA Whampoa Rehab)

TransportSimon Ching Sheue Jyh (Manager (Transport))


Support Services Departments:-

(Listed alphabetically; only a representative Executive is named)

Case ManagementMs. Angela Zhang Hui (Executive (Case Management))

Ms. Josephine Chua (Executive (Case Management))


Social IntegrationFreddie Tang See Chong (Assistant Executive (Social Integration)) 

Social ServiceMs. Dolris Lim Lan Eng (Senior Assistant Executive (Social Service))


Personnel are generally deployed at HWA Whampoa HQ, except for those based at HWA Jurong Point (Branch) Rehabilitation Centre.

(The Association employs full-time staff for its daily administration and operations, as well as a team of outsourced staff, while enlisting the help of freelance personnel and volunteers (including people with disabilities), to carry out its work.)