Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Handicaps Welfare Association is a non-profit organization and a full member of the National Council of Social Service. We are committed in protecting the personal information of our members, clients, donors, volunteers, beneficiaries and customers. This policy ensures that personal information collected will only be used for specific purposes that would enhance the quality of life of people with physical disabilities through our programmes and services.
The privacy policy applies to HWA website , HWA Whampoa (Main Office), HWA JP branch and satellite programmes associated with other organisations. This outlines the obligation and practices in handling personal data in alignment with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 2012) which comes into effect from 2 July 2014

Collection of Information

What is Personal Data?
Personal data refers to data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified from that data; or from that data and other information to which the organisation has or is likely to have access.

Such personal data includes your name, home address, email address, telephone number(s), date of birth, NRIC number, passport number, date of issue and place, driver’s license number and expiration, photographs, videos, images and other information that we may collect from you or provided by you through transactions or services that would support our cause.
Purpose for Information Collection
Personal data collected by Handicaps Welfare Association is mainly to help us understand your needs better, provide quality services and for administration purposes.

These purposes include the following;
  • To provide services such as transportation, rehabilitation, home care service, and social service;
  • To notify members, volunteers and donors of our events and programmes;
  • To apply for government subsidy or schemes.
  • To assess the beneficiary for medical purposes, referral programmes, administer grants, subsidy and services;
  • To comply with legal process or legal requirements of any government agencies;
  • To solicit donations from business owners, corporations and existing donors.
  • For HWA membership application and registration;
  • To send upcoming activities, promotional materials and HWA publications such as Digest and Annual Report;
  • To process and respond to enquiries;
  • For identity verification;
How do we acquire your personal data?
As a service provider we are required to collect relevant personal data for each type of activity and make sure we secure relevant consent from you. Personal data may be collected from a number of channels through:
  • E-forms from website for volunteer registration, donations, and enquiries;
  • Written forms for assessments, agreements, registrations (membership, volunteering, training, events and programmes), and donation draws;
  • Telephone calls for enquiries
  • Images and videos taken by representatives during events or from our CCTV cameras within our premises.
  • Business cards or contacts through networking or events
Current usage of personal data
Personal Data collected prior effective date of 2 July 2014 of the personal data protection act will still be used provided that is not being used outside its purpose. In an event that these personal data is used for new purpose other than HWA related services/events, rest assured that you will be notified will and we will ask for your consent.
Disclosure of Personal Data
Handicaps Welfare Association ensures personal data is not shared both internally and externally without first seeking your permission. As set to this privacy policy, the information may need to be disclosed:
  • To other non-profit organisations in partnership with our service;
  • To government agencies in compliance to legal requirements and legal process;
  • To authorised individuals with your given consent;
  • These external organisations shall not be allowed to use such personal data for anything other than the purpose given to them.
Withdrawal of Consent
If you do not want to share your personal data, you may submit a non-disclosure request to prevent your information from being shared to other external non-profit organisations by email: We may require 3 to 5 working days to process your from the date of your request. Once the consent is withdrawn we may not be able provide you a complete service.
Access to Personal Data
We can provide and help you access your own personal data:
  • Request for personal copy
  • For update or correction
  • Request for deletion
Please write in officially, no telephone or SMS unless you come personally to the office, with your reason(s), to our data protection officer through email: We may refute your access in cases if and when such related personal data is under legal proceeding, no proper identification or request is carried out with suspected fraudulent intent. We have the right to charge you a nominal fee at our discretion based on how difficult and or hours spent on the process of extraction.
Updating Personal Data
As a service provider it is important for us to ensure that your personal data is accurate, updated and complete. We ask for your cooperation to advise us of any changes to your personal data. For corrections, please contact our data protection officer through email:
We will retain your personal data within reasonable time until request of deletion or required by law.
Handicaps Welfare Association takes personal data protection seriously and of the highest importance. We use reasonable precautions to prevent the misuse, accidental loss and unauthorised access or disclosure of personal data.
We use security measures such as:
Restriction of personal data access within the organisation.
Provide physical security to hard copies of records.
Implementation and maintenance of information technology to prevent unauthorised access, accidental loss or damage electronically stored records.
Our website may contain links to other organisations and government agencies. Once you are transferred to other non-HWA websites, you will be subjected to the privacy policy of the other non-HWA website. HWA will not be responsible for privacy policies and practices of non-HWA websites. Hyperlink Agreement (download)
Changes to Policy
Handicaps Welfare Association reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time and when there are changes to the Act. We encourage you to check the privacy policy page whenever you access our website so to be aware of any changes may occur from time to time. The Effective Date as stated below will indicate when the changes in this policy have been made.

Effective Date: 7 June 2018