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Transportation Services

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Transport Specially for People with Disabilities

Our special needs transportation schemes deploy a fleet of wheelchair-accessible vans/buses. These specially adapted vehicles provide ready transportation for our clients with mobility-related disabilities, enabling them to commute to and from work, school, vocational training, hospital/rehabilitation visits and/or recreational activities.

Upholding the belief that our fellow community members with disabilities should not be denied transportation opportunities, we introduced our dedicated transport services in 1980. These purpose-built vehicles, equipped with hydraulic lifts, have helped to fill the gap in transportation for the physically challenged, allowing them access to an affordable and reliable transportation means.

The following are our transport services: (Click for information)


This scheme involves a door-to-door service, deploying mini-buses specially equipped to carry passengers in wheelchairs. It caters to the needs of people with physical disabilities (PWDs) who may have difficulty relying on existing public transportation modes. Clients may also book door-to-door ad-hoc trips in advance.

Our Dial-A-Ride transport service remains popular with the physically challenged who require dedicated transport for purposes ranging from medical consultations to rehabilitation sessions to enrichment/educational lessons and/or social and recreational activities.

(Note: For safety reasons, we do not physically carry PWDs up and/or down the stairs; a stair-crawl device might be deployed instead to facilitate their movement up and/or down staircases, for clients not residing at lift-landing levels; 

Dial-A-Ride costs: 

Current charges is S$30.00 for a one-way trip

*Effective as of January 1, 2018, charges will be $35.00 per trip

(Stair-crawl charges: $8.50 per usage)

Note: – No additional charges for first caregiver; for every subsequent caregiver, $10.00 per person will be levied.

A Peak-hour Surcharge of S$3.00 will apply for the following timings on weekdays:-
9.00am – 10.00am
4.00pm – 6.30pm

Taxi Subsidy Scheme

Through this scheme, we enable persons who are physically disabled to travel on taxis to and from their workplaces and educational institutions at highly subsidised rates.

For more information on how to qualify to this scheme click here

Medical Escort Transport Services

We have embarked on a medical escort transport service for our clients’ medical appointments, specially to cater to the needs of PWDs and/or elderly clients who may be unable to utilise public transport.

This scheme started operations in November 2014, and is subsidised by the Ministry of Health.

Rehab Transport

This scheme provides a door-to-door service, to ferry our clients to either of our two Rehabilitation Centres (at Whampoa and Jurong Point) on a daily basis.

AIC Centralised Transport

HWA has, since January 2015, acted as a centralised operator, providing a two-way transport service for clients requiring transport to, and from, participating daycare facilities/centres within the Central Regional Health System (RHS) area. (This area covers, and includes, Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Serangoon, Hougang, Toa Payoh, Geylang, Kallang, Rochor and Novena.)

This service involves a pilot project in partnership with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

MSF Dedicated Transport

HWA, assisted by a grant from the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), has newly provided a dedicated transport service for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

This serves to enable PWDs to attend disability-linked services such as the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) programme, Special Education (SPED) Schools, Day Activity Centres (DACs) and Sheltered Workshops. It also serves to improve the quality and efficiency of the dedicated transport service for these groups.

Chartered Services

We also provide transportation to external agencies which can charter our vehicles to ferry clients to and from their venues for outings or activities. This service is available on weekends too.

Driving Instruction Scheme

HWA has been the only centre, since 1984, that provides driving instruction courses to people with disabilities (PWDs), and assisting the latter in making vehicular modifications to enable them to drive their own vehicles.

We also support, and work closely with, the Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s (TTSH) Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation Programme (DARP) that allows clients with medical conditions, to learn, or return to, driving. Our Refresher Programme specifically caters to the needs of clients, already with driving licences, who have become disabled. The client needs to be certified by means of the TTSH DARP, as being medically fit to drive, before they are referred to HWA to take the course.

(Many clients have been observed to attain proficiency in driving, in about four 100-minute lessons. Each refresher lesson costs about S$75;

For beginner drivers, lessons cost about S$60 per session. Such clients usually complete between 25 and 30 lessons each, and take both theory and practical tests at a driving school.)

Note that applicants must be certified “Fit to Drive” by a medical practitioner, in completing a Traffic Police Medical Examination, prior to enrolment in any of HWA’s driving courses.

Sale of Assistive Gadget for Drivers with Disabilites

We also sell assistive devices to help drivers with disabilities in operating a vehicle, such as hand-controlled gadgets (for manipulating the car’s accelerator and brake pedals), and tri-pin steering knobs (which can be fixed onto the steering wheel, allowing drivers with a weak grip to steer the vehicle with ease).

The gadgets can be fitted onto most cars but after they have been installed, the vehicles have to be certified for approval by the Land Transport Authority. Among the gadgets we sell are:-

Right Hand Control Straight Gadget

Classic 3500k Hand Control Gadget

The hand control comes with a knob grip that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. The knob grip and bent brake rod are standard on this unit. The bent brake rod allows mounting the handle control higher in the vehicle to provide more driver convenince and comfort.

Steering Control Spinner Knob

Spinner Knob

Our most popular steering control, the Spinner Knob, presses firmly against the palm of your hand, giving you added strength and control for easy driving. It is also readily detachable

Left Foot Accelerator

Left Foot Accelerator

The left foot accelerator is equipped with a guard to prevent the driver from inadvertently resting their right foot on the accelerator pedal. The left foot accelerator incorporates a quick release mechanism and is easily removable.

SC Tri-pin Steering Device

Tri Pin Steering

Your hand and wrist are comfortably secure with this lightweight three-pin grip. The pins are fully adjustable, so you can easily find your individual comfort setting. An available counter weight takes away the Tri-pin Grip’s weight so you can mount it on the either side of your steering wheel. Easily replaceable foam cover for comfort.

EC Hand Style Emergency Brake

Hand style Handbrake

This handle is designated to push button in for more leverage in one easy motion.

Xing Wang, Specialist in Mobility Impaired Driving Devices



Xing Wang is well-trained and equiped with necessary skills to be specialised in Mobility Impaired Driving Devices. Through Handicaps Welfare Association partnership they are certified to advise and install driving aids that helps the mobility impaired to drive like a professional driver.

To see their mobility impaired driving devices, visit their website at www.xingwang.sg

Handicare Cab Scheme

Launched in 1999, this scheme, a collaboration between ComfortDelGro and HWA, has enabled us to provide PWDs with a convenient means of commuting on ComfortDelGro (CityCab and Comfort) taxis. A dedicated scheme introduced for the convenience of wheelchair-bound clients, aimed at reducing the difficulty of securing a cab during rush hour, this taxi booking service guarantees a cab driven by a specially-trained cabby. This scheme also sets out to meet the mobility needs of clients certified with permanent physical disabilities and who are dependent on taxis as a primary means of transport.

A subsidy covering the prevailing current and advanced booking fee of up to S$8.00 per trip, will be reimbursed by HWA, upon submission to HWA of the original printed receipt along with the “Trip Verification Form” (Note: Trips arising from cab-flagging will not be subsidised; other terms and conditions may apply). To enjoy this scheme, please register with us through the HWA hotline at 6254 3006.




Download Application Form here to view:

– Eligibility Criteria

– Application Procedure

– Rules and Regulations for Approved Applicants

Download Trip Verification Form for claims


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