About Disabilities

Physical Disability can be acquired through diseases, accidents or unknown factors. It can affect your closest friends or loved ones and even you at any time. The following information provides some basic knowledge about different types of physical disabilities and tips for those or their family members who have just acquired a physical disability.
General Infomation on Physical Disabilities
  • Introduction
  • Types of Physical Disabilities
  • Details of Musculo Skeletal Disability
  • Details of Neuro Musculo Disability
  • Treatment For Physical Disabilities
  • Life of a Disabled

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Information for the Newly Disabled and/or Family Members
  • The Effects of Physical Disabilities
  • Counselling Information that We Provide
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How to Help a Wheelchair User?
  • Why people depend on wheelchairs
  • Parts of a wheelchair as shown:
  • How to Fold and Unfold a Wheelchair
  • How to tilt a wheelchair backwards
  • How to tilt a wheelchair backward
  • Getting up & down the Stairs Safely
  • Going down a steep but short slope or ramp
  • Keeping the wheelchair in a Car Boot
  • Think Safely and Comfort when Assisting
  • What You Can Do
  • What You Should Not Do

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Personal Mobility Aids (PMA) on Public Buses
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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