The new logo comprises several elements which symbolise HWA’s mission to serve those who are physically challenged and reflects our role in the larger community. The elements of the logo represent who we serve and how we work with stakeholders to fulfill our mission

The Three Persons

Red Person on a Wheelchair

The red person in the wheelchair symbolises Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), the main sector which HWA serves.

Red is HWA’s primary corporate colour. lt is chosen to symbolise HWA’s primary mission to serve people with physical disabilities

Blue Person

The blue person symbolises the family, donors, volunteers and community partners of HWA.

Blue is one of the secondary corporate colours. Although secondary, this reflects the importance of the integration of HWA’s members with the community at large.

Green Person

The green person symbolises HWA who is committed to the holistic healing and well-being of our beneficiaries.

Green is another secondary corporate colour which represents healing and growth.

The Bridge

The bridge symbolises HWA’s constant aim to reach out to our beneficiaries by bridging those in need of our services to facilitate integration. lt is made up of two elements - the red arc shows HWA’s overarching commitment to always reach out to serve those in need. The orange arc represents the underlying support from caregivers and family for the healing and growth of PWDs. The position of the bridge under the Red, Blue and Green persons symbolises HWA’s role in bridging all parties towards a common cause - the core and well-being of PWDs and other members who are physically challenged. Together, we build a strong bridge to help those in need.

Red, being a primary corporate colour, represents HWA’s passion to serve from the heart. Orange is a secondary corporate colour. lts bright colour symbolises optimism towards a brighter future.

Together as a Whole

The logo symbolises our passion and love to serve persons who are physically challenged & the elderly, working towards their healing and growth with the help of the community, volunteers and donors. lt also signifies a promise of better quality of life and social integration.