Annual Report and Financial Statement

Financial Information
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  1. 2021 to 2022
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  4. 2018 to 2019

Non-financial Information
Name of Organization: Handicaps Welfare Association
Address: No 16 Whampoa Drive Singapore 327725

Contact Information
Name of Contact Person: Subrata Banerjee, Executive Director (wef 1st January 2011)
Telephone No: 6254 3006
Fax No: 6253 7375
Email Address:
Website Address:

Charity Status
Charity Regn No: 0145
Charity Regn Date: 25/2/1985
Constitution: Society
Date of Establishment: 18/12/1969
ROS/RCB Regn No: 203/69WEL
UEN: S69SS0057J

IPC Status
Effective Date: 01.10.2022 – 30.09.2025

President: Mr. Hui Beng Hong
Vice President: Mr.Edgar Cheong Tuck Mun
Hon Secretary: Ms. Michelle Siew Teok See
Hon Asst Secretary: Dr. Navin Nair
Hon Treasurer: Ms. Heather Wong Liang Le
Hon Asst Treasurer: Ms. Wee Toon Lin

Committee Members
Mr. Mr. Palanisamy Avaday
Ms. Wendy Lau Wong Hing
Mr. Alan Pek Kian Aik
Ms. Wee Judy Anne

Key Employees: Subrata Banerjee, Executive Director (wef 1st January 2011)

P G Wee Partnership LLP
Chartered Accountants of Singapore