Handicaps Welfare Association – Recycling Fund Raising Project (License No:2022100104)

Buana Trading Pte Ltd, will be carrying out collection at your block on: from 8.30am to 3.30pm on behalf of the Handicaps Welfare Association(HWA) (UEN: S69SS0057J) to raise fund for its programmes and services.

We collect: Newspaper, Books, Magazines, Used clothing, Shoes, Bags, Curtains and Bedsheets.

For collection enquiry, please phone our collectors at 82623550 (10am – 5pm, Mon – Fri). For verification, please phone HWA at 6254 3006 (10am – 5pm, Mon – Fri).

Kindly attach this leaflet to the items and leave them at your doorstep outside your premises before 8.30am. Thank You very much in advance for your contributions.

Verify Fund Raising Event Via SMS
Simply SMS FR<"space"><"NCSS Approval No./Org Name"> to 79777
(e.g. FR 2022100104 or FR Handicaps Welfare Association)


新加坡残疾人士福利協会(HWA)慈善组织 ( UEN : S69SS0057J )
将在您的住址于: 上午 8.30am至下午3.30pm展开一系列的回收活动。

我们将协助HWA收集的物品包括报纸、书籍,衣服、 袜子、背包、窗帘和床单。


如果您想要澄清任何跟HWA有关的疑问、请指电于 6254 3006(上午10点至下午5点、星期一至星期五)。



“Thank You 谢谢”>
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Collector's Certificate of Authority and Collection Schedule