Since April 2015, what we used to offer as Personal Care Services, have expanded into our present Home Care Services. Now known as Home Care Services (HCS), we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of elderly citizens and people with disabilities. Our services are aimed at assisting our clients in attaining maximum independence, within the context of our values-based culture.

We aim to provide our clients with care and support if they cannot fully look after themselves, in their own homes, at times that are convenient to them, and in ways they find comfortable – for as long as possible. Among our goals are to help the client better attain:
  • quality of life;
  • having choice and control;
  • personal dignity and respect;
  • improved health and emotional wellbeing;
  • freedom from discrimination and harassment; and
  • economic wellbeing
We strive to ensure that the client’s ready need for assistance with medical, nursing, preventive and/or rehabilitative support is fulfilled.

Key Features:-
Under our programme, eligible clients can undergo home-based health care, case management , medication management, counselling, therapy, personal and social care, transportation and/or other community based integration services.

Our nurses conduct a comprehensive assessment of each potential client to determine and plan services needed to address the individual’s specific health and psychosocial needs.

We help the elderly and adults with physical disabilities to remain living at their respective homes, while providing them with affordable nursing care, which can include long-term basic domestic care. We also incorporate, where apt, mentally stimulating activities, apart from medication reminders as well as assistance with ensuring personal care and hygiene, to better enrich the client’s lifestyle.

Our scope of services pertains to the following (click to find out more);
Home Medical
Our scope of home medical services includes, and is not limited to:
  1. Comprehensive care assessment;
  2. Management of chronic medical conditions;
  3. Management of uncomplicated acute or sub-acute medical conditions;
  4. Referrals to specialists or service providers in other disciplines, where appropriate;
  5. Arrangements for safe transfer for hospitalisation, where necessary;
  6. Prescriptions of appropriate acute and chronic medicines;
  7. Education of client and caregiver on the client’s medical conditions and the management plan;
  8. Minor medical/nursing procedures; and
  9. Ordering and timely interpretation of appropriate investigations.
Home Nursing
Our expanded scope of home nursing services includes, and is not limited to:
  1. Post-surgical management, e.g. administration of injections, care of central venous line (such as peripherally-inserted central catheter), tracheostomy or drainage tubes;
  2. Wound management;
  3. Maintenance/changing of urinary catheters and drainage tubes, as applicable (male urinary catheter insertion will be done by a medical practitioner);
  4. Stoma care, e.g. colostomy and ileostomy care;
  5. Monitoring of pain control (through discussion and observation, based on a ‘pain rating’ scale);
  6. Insertion of nasogastric tube and tube feeding;
  7. Assistance with bowel elimination, e.g. enema or manual evacuation;
  8. Monitoring of client’s medical condition, e.g. blood pressure and blood sugar checks;
  9. Providing caregiver education and training with regard to various aspects of care, e.g. prevention of falls, pressure sores, proper feeding techniques, etc;
  10. Advice on activities of daily living, e.g. nutrition counselling and education;
  11. Monitoring of medication compliance and proper taking of medication; and
  12. Administering, supervision and packing of medication
Home Therapy
Our expanded scope of home therapy services includes, and is not limited to:-

(I) Physiotherapy services, including:
  • Functional mobility and gait training;
  • Active and passive exercises to improve or restore range of motion, physical strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance and endurance; Treatment to relieve pain;
  • Advice on the use of assistive ambulatory devices, including assistance on application for relevant financial assistance;
  • Client and caregiver training and education; and
  • Community integration activities
(II) Occupational Therapy services, including:
  • Re-training in activities of daily living;
  • Exercises and graded activities to improve strength and range of motion;
  • Co-ordination and dexterity activities;
  • Advice on the use of orthosis, prosthesis or assistive/adaptive devices to maintain or improve “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL) performances;
  • Advice on occupational ergonomics;
  • Home assessment and recommendations on home modification;
  • Client and caregiver training and education;
  • Wheelchair and seating assessment; and
  • Community integration activities
Senior Home Care
Our expanded scope of home social care services includes, and is not limited to:-
(i) Personal hygiene, including:-
  • Bathing and/or assisted bathing for clients who are too ill to take baths in the bathroom, or for bedridden clients;
  • Changing of clothes, undergarments, continence aids and any soiled sheets;
  • Brushing of teeth and cleaning of dentures; and
  • Toileting and other elimination needs
  • (ii) Support/assistance with activities of daily living and other personal care tasks, including:-

    • Lifting, transferring and positioning of clients;
    • Assisting with oral and/or tube feeding;
    • Assisting in light housekeeping and laundry, if the client and/or caregiver is unable to do so; and
    • Simple wound dressing under the guidance of our registered nurse(s)
    (iii) Support/assistance with medication, including:-

    Medication reminders and monitoring of medication compliance; and Administering medication if the client and/or caregiver is unable to do so

    (iv) Mentally stimulating activities, in the form of:-

    • (for clients with hardly any, or mild, cognitive impairment) – Memory-based / Logic-based card games, spatial orientation block games, mental processing games, and/or Sudoku;
    • (for clients with mild dementia) – Card-matching games, spatial orientation block games, and/or mental processing games; or
    • (for clients with moderate dementia) – Visual recognition card games, or card-matching games
    (v) Elder-sitting and/or caregiver respite (provided on a case-by-case basis, depending also on staff availability); and

    (vi) Performing simple maintenance exercises (as prescribed and instructed by registered therapists).