Volunteers are a key cornerstone at the Handicaps Welfare Association and we wouldn’t have been able to have made it thus far without your effort and precious contributions.

Volunteering with HWA can take many shapes and forms. From Food Rations Delivery to our annual Wheel Walk or Jog, you can choose the activity that fits best from the list below.

We are always open to suggestion to how you would like to contribute to our organisation, Drop us an email and suggest it to us !

Flag Day
As HWA is a non-profit organisation, we depend on fund-raising efforts such as Flag Days to raise the much needed funds for HWA. If you are able to approach members of the public to share donate any amount, we would you to sign-up with us. Schools who want to earn their Community Involvement Programme can also join us to earn your much deserved points.
Wheel, Walk or Jog
As part of our reintegration efforts to help the public to show their support for disability, we organise annually our signature event Wheel, Walk or Jog where members of the public and the community are invited to participate in 3.5 km walk around a designated park. Volunteers will help out with the logistics and to accompany people with disability around a park. They will also welcome them and help them in any way such as getting food for them and bond with them. We will also provide wheelchair trainings for all. We believe that everyone should give back to their community because volunteering will make our community a more comfortable and pleasing place to live in.
For those with green fingers, if you like to propose using recycled item or simply help maintain our beautiful garden, just sign up through our volunteer form.
Corporate Volunteering
Our volunteering opportunities do not end here, if you represent a Corporation or Community Group, and have a great volunteering proposal such as organising an outing for our members to places of interest, you are most welcome to speak to us, we will be happy to hear from you.

Volunteer Form