Cancellation of Wheel, Walk, Jog & Family Carnival 2020

WWJ & Carnival 2019
Wheel, Walk or Jog and Family Carnival 2020
June 24, 2020
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July 9, 2020

Dear Donors

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, HWA’s Wheel, Walk, Jog and Family Carnival 2020 (WWJ2020) on 11 July 2020 at the Esplanade Park is canceled.
All the donations received from you for the WWJ 2020 event will support our programmes and services for the benefits of our beneficiaries. Please do phone Ms Thevi at 6254 3006 or email if you need to speak to us.

On behalf of our beneficiaries and staff, thank you so much for your donations to support our mission!