ARTiculate @ North East

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July 9, 2020
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December 29, 2020

North East CDC will be launching a virtual auction of ARTiculate @ North East via Facebook live ( on 20th November, 8pm. 

An online platform for beneficiaries from various non-profit organizations and social enterprises showcasing their talents and selling their artworks. This event follows what was previously known as Art Market @ North East, now changed into a virtual event in light of this year’s situation and to ensure that our beneficiaries still receive the necessary support safely online or via e-commerce. Sales of the artworks on e-commerce will run for one month from 20 Nov to 20 Dec 2020.

Our very own HWA artists are involved in this event, proudly naming some of their own artworks;

  1. Ms. Daisy Tay (Tropical Delight, Tranquility @ Botanic Gardens at Dawn, Pretty Flowers)
  2. Goh Nga-A (Vibrant & Bold)
  3. Koh Ah Moi (Tranquility)
  4. Soh Yew Lin, Eugene (Charging Forward, Scaling New Height, Scaling New Height, Abstract – Autumn Delight, Rhythm of Tranquility)
  5. Tay Bee Lian (Cheerful Blossoms, Garden by the Bay)

Curious? Check out their artworks at launch and don’t forget to support our artists in the disability community. Sales of all art pieces from the e-commerce site will go directly to the beneficiaries to help them earn an income.